Has anyone sold LV on Ebay?

  1. I tried to list 2 bookmarks and 2 locks that I have and eBay only let me list 2 things and they are not showing up. Has anyone ever had this problem?
  2. I believe right before you list something, they give you a warning message, saying that your stuff will not be visible when searched for 48 hours since clicking "submit" (something like that). I get those messages all the time and, yes, it sucks!

    About listing only two items...maybe eBay put a restriction on your account? I can only list no more that 7 items in a week. I never got an explanation why as my feedback is perfect.

    Good luck with your sale!
  3. its takes a couple of hours for your items to show up in searches. I would leave it for a while. Ive had no warnings selling LV. :flowers:
  4. Yes I listed 2 LV bags and then went to do something else and it put a limit on my account. I got a hold of a rep and she took the limit off I think its so scammers cant list a bunch of fake bags, I dont know.

    But also when you submitted your listing it should have had a small paragraph telling you that it will take a while for your listing to show. You should see it in your "My eBay" though.
  5. You should be able to see your items listed after a few hours - I think the longest I waited was 12 hrs - but should be before 24. As far as you not being able to sell - it's probably the restriction they placed on you - just email eBay and usually once they see your listings are authentic, they'll lift it. I have heard people have a limit as to how many they can sell in a week though... Sorry, hope it helps...:smile:
  6. They don't always lift the restrictions if your bags are authentic. I e-mailed them and talked live online and they still wouldn't take my limit off!
  7. I listed one of my Vuttions on there, and it wont come up when you search LOUIS VUITTON.
    It comes up when you search the name of the item, but it's not showing on the main search.
    I listed it on Saturday.
    I was afraid to ask about it, because you can't say what you're selling.
  8. It is just 2 bookmark's, that my dh received as VIP gifts and some extra locks that I received with my bags. They are just sitting on my shelf. They are showing up in myebay, just not the listing. I just hate when I know that they are authentic. But, it does help to know that they are kind of looking out for fakes!

  9. The bookmark is SO cute!

    Yes, it's annoying when you're selling authentic items and Ebay won't show your items. Give it a day or two and you should get a lot more traffic (it helps a lot if you do a 7-day listing instead of 5).

    Again, good luck!

  10. eBay put a limit and restriction on my account when I listed my LV bag. They just refused to raise the limit and kept referring me to the listing violation and trademark violation page. It's really annoying esp when I've already told them I've got the store receipt and could fax or email it as proof!
  11. Ya, I got one of those messages when i tried to sell something, but I don't htink it's restricted to LVs cuz mine was just a gold bracelet...

    Anyhoo, I wanna say that I have the SAME bookmark in the same pattern as you! lol Iono, I thought that was pretty cool
  12. This is better in the eBay forum, cause it's more about the site. :yes:
  13. Yes, I have had the limit placed on my auctions before...I did a live help chat and asked about it and they removed it.
  14. yu[- takes a day or soooo--- it'll show up
  15. Actually, Ebay is putting restrictions on accounts now for selling Louis Vuitton and things like Abercrombie, I know both of those are on the restriction list as I have been nailed w/ that restriction. Apparently there is nothing you can do but wait it out. I had to have over so many positive feedbacks and been a registered member for a certain amount of time. They would not reveal to me the exact timelines/guidelines but, I know they just lifted my restriction and I have been on Ebay for over 6 months myself. I think, that yes it can be a good thing, but I also think (like I told the CS rep) that there should be some process honest ppl can go through such as ID conformation, additional $$$ put on hold on a credit card etc.