Has anyone sold anything and later regretted it?

  1. I was curious if anyone has sold anything, and afterwards regretted it...

    Recently I sold my Speedy 35 before buying my Speedy 40. The 35 had patina, and it was great not worrying what kind of weather I carried it in... and it was my first LV purchase... and now I wish I still had it!

    So is anyone else missing anything they have sold?
  2. I had the Speedy 30 a year or more ago. I never carried it so I sold it on eBay. I couldn't get it out of my head, though. I just bought it AGAIN about 3 weeks ago and I have been carrying it everyday since. So, yes, I definitely can relate to the regret!
  3. I sold my brand new, used 1X Monogram Cabas Alto....it's now discontinued, and LV doesn't make a tote this great !!!
  4. Not yet, and I hope not ever ! I am too attached to even the bags I don't use to ever sell !
  5. ^^ Same here.
    I hope I dont find myself in that situation. I guess if its cheaper bag its not so bad. Its no like you have to fork out thousands of dollars to replace the bag but so i dont want to be there.
  6. I recently sold my mono speedy 25. It was my very first LV that I got, about 20 years ago. It was in amazing condition, believe it or not. I only sold it because I also have a 30 and a 35, and I didn't think I needed three. But I sort of had a sentimental moment, I guess, and wondered if I did the right thing after I sold it. I just hope she went to a good home!
  7. My khaki graffiti speedy! That's the only one I regret!!
  8. my PH returned then purchased it 2 weeks later...doahhhhhhh
  9. I sold my first Cerises Speedy, regretted, bought another one and sold it again. I adore the Cerises but I guess realistically I don't use hand held bags but I do miss it alot.
  10. yes..everything I sell I regret.:crybaby: But sometimes I have to sell one of my bags to fund another one. I hate to admit it, but acouple of times I have sold a bag and then rebought it because I missed it.:shame:
  11. Sac Flanerie 45. it was mint, and i couldn't get it back for what i sold it for, not even close. ugh.

  12. I thought about selling one of my bags during some hard times financially, but then I realized, selling them would only solve a few weeks worth of money issues, what I had was a cash flow issue, now if selling them would have done something dramatic in my life I would have, but selling stuff when you have a cash flow problem doesn't solve anything. It's not like it was going to buy me another month on the mortgage or anything like that.
  13. I do this ALL the time! :crybaby:
    Right now I am missing my MC heart...
  14. I sold a mono speedy and azur speedy (both 30s) to fund a Chanel Flap....now, I am looking to buy a speedy again..so yeah, I kinda regret it..but I LOVE my CHANEL!
  15. i sold my BH and i miss her so much x She had a great Patina!