Has anyone sold a used Kooba on Ebay?

  1. I was just curious. I have a used Kooba Sienna in Nutmeg that I bought last fall. I really don't like the way that the leather spots and marks up so easily. I was just wondering if any of you had any luck selling yours on eBay.

  2. I sold one of mine with great success on eBay, I took a ton of pics and was as thorough and honest as I could possibly be. Plus I had tags and receipt. Good luck!
  3. I've sold a few; some with pretty decent success and a couple I wish would have gone for a bit more. But then again...I'm not selling for profit but to fund other purchases if a bag I purchased is not returnable or one I've used but no longer feel the Big Love for.

    Good pics, patience and as Cheekers mentioned *honesty* are key. Full disclosure on a used bag is a must. I also keep all tags and receipts.

    Word around tpf is that summer seems to slow sales on eBay but that fall is much better. Others have mentioned fairly good success year round. Your best bet would be to research the completed listings and see what similar bags have gone for, etc.

    Good luck! :tup:
  4. An Authentic Sienna is always going to sell...depending on it's condition it could do very well or just okay. Like the others said, take lots of pics especially of flaws and make sure you show everything you need to prove authenticity; Side of zipper, close up of leather, side view with tassles. I had a Cognac that was new and I think I got 375.00.
  5. Thanks so much for all of the advice! I have sold a brand new one before but never used. The leather has turned dark in places on the nutmeg color. I have not really carried it that much so I'm a little disappointed with the wear.
  6. I love my beat up nutmeg Sienna! It has just gotten better with age & use, but it works as a no fuss, no worry bag for me. I take it everywhere and use it often and I think it has held up beautifully.But I have this cream Sienna that I'm simply afraid to take out of it's dustcover...I do to admire it, but to actually wear it? It will probably be sold next Spring, because I just can't stand the stress of worrying about stains & rub-offs. So you see, we all have different likes & needs, and I'm sure if you list your used Sienna & honestly describe all flaws, someone will want to give it a new home!
  7. i might be interested in buying it... can i see pics?
  8. I'm so sorry...I didn;t see this until tonight. I can send you some pictures tomorrow if you would like.
  9. Ditto on all the ladies' opinions! I have sold all my Claudias and Chiaras on eBay...and I've always been honest. I'm never hiding anything - any flaws should be described and take lots and lots of pictures. Koobas don't go out of style - just don't take a blobby picture (now of course, that's how I snagged me a GORGEOUS black Lucy for next to nothing, but that's another thread! :graucho:)...
    Good luck! :wlae:
  10. I've sold a lot of my bags on ebay to fund purchase of new styles. I think I'm probably only second in line to Lexie as the purse slut of the century. Definitely take lots of pictures, including the things that Lexie pointed out. Also, be sure to specifically mention bag condition and take close up photos of any deficiencies, i.e., scratches, stains, etc. People appreciate honesty and then there's no question when the bag arrives and buyer sees it in person. It does help if you have the original tag and sales receipt. You should always keep those things because you never know when another style, color, is going to show up that you've simply got to have.
  11. Excuse me???? I am Not a Purse Slut. I am a BAG WHORE!
    Big difference. I worked hard for that Title and my husband can attest to that. I don't give anything away for free....LOL
  12. We're going to put you on a street corner with a sign that says "Will work for Koobas.":roflmfao:
  13. No one where I live will know what that means. They will think it says "Will work for Cooties"....and that is probably more likely attainable than a Kooba in this town.

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