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  1. So I've recently discovered this website and have fallen in love with many of the pieces they have to offer. I've ordered twice, and BOTH times items that I REALLY wanted were cancelled because they didn't have them in stock. :pout: The first order, I really wanted this vest, the only reason I ordered. They got back to me three weeks later saying its out of stock and they are cancelling that part of my order. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and ordered from them again. This time 3/4 items are out of stock with no hope of being replenished and it took them almost a month to tell me! All they do is send some rote email saying the items are out of stock and will not be replenished. I emailed them expressing my frustration and they were slow to reply. Today I got an email basically dismissing me and my concerns. They didn't even offer anything. They reminded me that I was getting free shipping (becuase I ordered the requisite amount to qualify), they didn't do anything special. Nothing, just basically told me to deal with it. :cursing: I feel like they don't realize things are out of stock until someone tries to order it. Although it shows available on the website, when they look for it, it is then they determine that its out of stock! What kind of inventory system is that!!! Its beyond frustrating!!! :censor: I'm done ordering with them!!:blah:Its a shame though becuase they do have cute clothes. Okay, sorry for my rant! I just cannot believe how horrible their customer service is,how slow they are to respond and how they basically don't care! Anyone else have this experience?
  2. their customer service is fine , sometime they sent me an email and told me the thing i ordered went out of stock 4 days after i purchase that item , and wanted me to buy a new one O_o , btw be cautious cuz sometime u see something pretty nice and i turned out to be fake :P , i found some vivienne westwood tee there but other korea brand name O_o:confused1:
  3. They've never offered the opportunity to replace or add to my order. I can never get a hold of them. The fact that they are selling alleged fakes seems to me to be pretty bad customer service.
  4. I've browsed through their site, and found them to be a bit pricy for the goods that they sell.
  5. i agree most of the clothes come from china and korea ( of course u will find fakes , yesstyle doesnot sell major brands) and they are expensive for what they sell .you can find the same items for a lot cheapper on other websites ...
  6. ^^What websites? I'm interested to know. I've fallen in love with the AKA brand and can't find it anywhere else than on their website. There is an AKA New York, but I don't think it is the same brand.
  7. My first order with Yesstyle last year was smooth, and in total only took 2 weeks from start to finish. However, I placed an order with them in January and it's been suuuuuch a disaster. I ordered about 8 things, and within a week found out 2 were canceled. Customer service was nice enough to let me replace them with items that were in-stock, so I could still meet the $150 requirement for free shipping. The rest of my items came minus 1, and it took them FOUR weeks to tell me that 1 item couldn't be found. I'm pretty sure they only found out it wasn't available because I badgered their customer service people until they looked into the status for me. They did let me replace the item though.

    It all finally shipped out on March 3, and they gave me a tracking number to follow my things. It left Hong Kong on the 5th, and the rest is history. It was supposed to be here (Canada) within 3 days (last time it only took 3 days) and now it's been almost 2 weeks, I've gotten no updates on the tracking number and customer service hasn't answered my inquiries. As much as I love the stuff I ordered, after almost 8 weeks I'm almost wishing I could take it all back :sad: Plus, all the winter stuff I got is going to be useless now that it's almost spring! :crybaby:
  8. Yesstyle is not a traditional online retailer in the way that we are used to. They source their things from multiple manufacturers spread across Asia. I don't believe they maintain a warehouse of their own with everything in stock. So, when you're browsing the site, you're looking at things they *might* be able to get for you from a manufacturer somewhere in Asia that they've partnered with. That manufacturer may have sold a bunch of their stuff to someone else, so the item you want may not be available.

    The annoying thing is that they do not make this model as transparent as it should be, so first-time shoppers are often befuddled (as I was) when they get an email saying that only 1 out of 6 items are in stock and they are searching inventory for the rest. My one and only order took TWO months to finally complete -- and I only got 3 out of the 6 things that I had ordered.

    In the end, I don't think it's worth the hassle to order from them. Plus, the quality isn't awesome -- it's very comparable to H&M and you can just find most of those same exact styles *AT* H&M for the same price!
  9. i ordered once from them and had to send everything back. shipping was fast for me but the sizes were all over the place. i understand these clothes are made from pictures and are not really true designs but their qc could be better.

    then i exchanged the goods for something else..and though the shoulders fit with the new pieces...the butt didn't

    now it's sitting on the floor of my room and i have no idea what to do with them. i don't want to spend anymore money shipping them back in exchange for something that won't fit.

  10. So I returned two of the items that I bought and now they are claiming that they never received the return! I'm so dumb and didn't get tracking or delivery confirmation services. I asked what the status was of my refund and they were just like, we've never received anything. No offer to look into the situation or follow up questions. The only way to get a hold of them is through email and they take forever to respond and then don't really address the issue. What do you think I should do? Chargeback?
  11. I'm so sorry to here that elie13! Hopefully you get your items soon! It is such as hassle getting a hold of them and getting straight answers! I'm going through a similar situation in that I returned items to them and now they are claiming they never received them. Their CS is shady!