Has anyone shopped the new outlet in Cincinnati?


Jun 14, 2009
I have been to Jeffersonville, OH, but am much closer to the new outlet in Cincy. Has anyone visited yet? I am wondering what their stock was like, etc.

Thanks! :smile:
I went there opening weekend. It was CRAZY!!! Opening Day people just parked on I-75 and walked from there...isn't that unreal! That was Thurs Aug 6th. We went 9am Sunday the 9th. Didn't see anything that I haven't seen in my outlet. But, they had just opened, I'm sure Peytons were gone. They had lots of Zoes (large black patent was pretty). They didn't get the Turnlock or Lily, etc. But, it's suppose to be one of the larger outlets, so I don't think I would base what they will carry as time goes on from what I saw on opening weekend.