Has anyone shopped at Plazatoo.com before?

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  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any experience shopping at plazatoo before... also I am looking for a coupon code? thanks!
  2. I bought a Kooba from them last Christmas. Pretty good service, although I've heard a lot of complaints here on the forum. No worry about authenticity. I've never seen a coupon code for them unfortunately.
  3. I bought some shoes from them in the Fall and their service was pretty bad. I would definitely stay away unless it's something you really want and are prepared for a potential hassle. Again, no problem with authenticity.
  4. I have never seen a code for Plazatoo. Regarding their customer service...it's not great! I ordered a Kooba Braeden from them and it came with the ink security tag on it(don't know what you call that thing). What was so stupid on my part was that I put the bag away in my closet in the box in which it came without even looking at it! How dumb is that??? Six months later I take it from the closet thinking that I would carry it and discovered the ink tag. I had to return it to them in order to have it removed and they didn't offer to pay the shipping!
  5. i was not thrilled with their service either. i got a pair of tory burch flats on sale. after one wearing, the inside liner came undone on both shoes and had bunched up making the shoes uncomfortable to wear. when i emailed and asked if they would exchange the shoes, a girl called and said "it happens, just take it to a shoe repair." well yes it happens, but not after one wearing. i hate that i paid good $$ for shoes and then had to take them straight to the shoe repair.
  6. I bought a pair of Tory Burch shoes there that were listed at a sale price which was confirmed during the check-out process. When I checked my credit card statement, I found they had charged me full price. I did contact them and they credited my credit card the difference but I would not shop there again. They do not provide any tracking information or shipment status on the website or by emails. I have never seen a coupon code for this site.
  7. wow, thanks for the advice ladies! I am desperate but not THAT desperate, I think I'll stay away!!!:wtf:
  8. I have been to their store in larchmont ny though and they do have good service in store. If you really want something from them maybe you can call the store and see if they can help you with their in-store stock?
  9. i ordered a pair of TB revas online that was supposedly on sale a few days ago. well, i got the heebie jeebies and decided that the TB revas weren't for me. however i checked my card statement and they have already credited the money - TWICE! ugh. can any kind soul advise me on whether it will be easy to cancel the order and get a refund?
  10. i bought a rebecca minkoff steady on sale and had no problems.
  11. I bought a pair of maloles and the price was reduced after they were shipped and I emailed the store and they adjusted the price on my credit card with no problem. Another time I found a coupon on Retail-me-not for 20% off but it wasn't recognized online. I called the store and they were a little rude and wanted to know where I got the coupon, etc...After investigating, they called me back and told me the coupon was from last year (although there was no year date on the coupon) but they would honor it for me. But your right, they don't have any real computer method for that. I was told to purchase online as usual and then I had to call the store back and give them my order number so they could adjust the price. I decided to pass on that offer. I also remember, when they were questioning me about the coupon, that they thought it was strange I had it, because they mentioned they only send coupons to their customers directly now. I don't know if that is true or not. Hope this helps. I would order from them again if there was something I really liked.
  12. I haven't bought from them but was looking to buy Maloles and I emailed them and they promptly replied to my email and also called me to say they didn't have a pair anymore. I was quite impressed. I emailed the broadway store if that makes a diff.
  13. I bought a Kooba from them without any problems. There's a B&M I've gone to several times. They seem to be very nice in the store. No problems for me.
  14. I purchased two RM bags from them last year. They only shipped one of them to me while I was charged for both. Their CS was very helpful in working the situation out. They admitted there was probably an error on their part and told me to file a chargeback with my credit card company.
  15. only DEALS & STEALS in here :tup:
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