Has anyone shopped at Italist?

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  1. I have searched the entire forum but couldn't find anything on this, has anyone shopped at www.italist.com? and if it is authentic and legitimate? thank you!
  2. I'd like to know too - the site seems pretty well laid-out and designed...but I would wait on purchasing until someone here confirms. Sometimes new sites spring up and while some are authentic, a lot aren't.
  3. anybody?
  4. Bumping this as I'd like to know too!
  5. Let me tell you a story:

    I looked all over the internet for info on this ite but found NOTHING. They have some fantastic prices on Giorgio Armani bags. I was afraid of getting scammed so I emailed them and asked "what's the catch" and "why are your prices so low" and "why can't I find a single person who has bought from you?"

    They were very helpful and sent me magazine articles about themselves and assured me they were on the up and up. So I decided to try it, totally expecting to get ripped off. There is a GA bag I want but I ordered a different bag, an older GA that was 360.00. as a dry run for the $1000. bag I really wanted.

    So I added the bag to my cart and it kept kicking it out of my cart? I'm gonna get ripped off. Then I created an account and it went to my cart just fine. Oh well I haven't paid yet. So I add it to my cart and it won't give me a total with shipping UNTIL I PAY! Good grief this is going to get ugly. I email them, mind you they aren't open 24/7 like American online shops. I ask them why I can't get a true amount and they were very helpful but that's just how it is. So I'm thinking my $300 bag will end up being $600.

    It took me 3 days to finally get the nerve to press that PAY button! This was my first international purchase so I didn't know what to expect. So Friday night I'm having a few cocktails with my husband, I get a little tipsy and go hit that PAY button. ERROR! Problem with your transaction. please contact us ASAP! Dear Lord please help me. So I contact them but you know it's Friday night and they're closed.

    They get back to me Saturday and tell me my card put a hold on my possibly fraudulent purchase and to call them. My conscience is soo telling me to stop now, but I need that bag. So I call the card company and take care of it. Then I stew over this for a few hours and then I did it. I pressed PAY

    And then the strangest thing happened. I got an instant email from Italist thanking me for my purchase and here's your receipt and heres an email to refer a friend and they'll get 25euros to spend and your bag will be there in 3-10 days heres your tracking number and it is leaving first thing monday morning.

    It left there Monday and I just got it today(Thursday) and it is brand new and properly packaged and authentic and beautiful and smells so good. Whew!

    So They are a lovely company, I give them 5 stars!:yw:
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  6. I also recently purchased a bag through Italist and everything worked out fine. I wasn't worried about fake bags as the designer was not that well-known to have widespread knockoffs. I fell in love with a mini Sophie Hulme side-chain shopper and was pricing it online when I came across Italist (via polyvore) who was selling it at a 40% discount. It's not among her more popular designs so not many of the common online sites like Net-a-porter and Shopbop were carrying that particular bag model. The price was so attractive that I ordered it right away without doing too much research on Italist. Anyway, long story short, the bag arrived in excellent time (via DHL) and perfect condition.

    I think Italist is like Farfetch and they basically source from actual brick-and-mortar stores in Italy - only I think Italist is not as well-developed as Farfetch so they have fewer stores working with/attached to them.
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  7. They do charge customs fees up front when you order and it's a fairly decent amount. But their prices on some of their items still make it a bargain. And they have quite a few of this year's items at great prices!
  8. Thanks for letting us know - so all in all, it all worked out. But I would've been very nervous too, especially with not knowing up front what the actual price was going to be!
  9. They just got in a TON of new arrivals. There's a lot of Gucci, Ferragamo, Fendi at some good prices.
  10. Nice! will have to check it out...thanks!
  11. Tried once and worked fine for mee too!
  12. Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I may give them a try, too, and I will let you know how it goes!
  13. I'm gonna try out too!
    Will keep y'all updated!
    *fingers crossed*
  14. I just bought a pair of CL's from italist. After they were shipped from Milan, they arrived THE NEXT DAY! I was so excited. They are real and trustworthy. I will absolutely be shopping again with them.