Has anyone shopped at ADDDH.com?

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  1. Hello all! As I was surfing the internet for a new JC purse I stumbled across this website www.angeldistinctivediscountdesignerhandbags.com I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased anything from here and was it authentic? They post testimonials from customers that say their bag was authentic...just wondering if anyone here experienced the same. Thanks!
  2. Link no good
  3. You have to add an S after angel, then it works.
  4. I am not familiar with this site. They don't show enough pics of the bags IMO, but the one Choo bag they have I can't believe was ever faked. I am just leery of sites that sell "discount designer bags"...
  5. Thank you all for your input. They don't post enough pictures to prove they are authentic.
  6. I own an authentic zucca/nappa Fendi Spy and the one that this place has up for sale is sooooooo FAKE!!! :tdown: