Has anyone sent their bag to MJ for repair??

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  1. Today i called the MJ store in NY to ask them if I can get another metal zip pull for my venetia (my zip pull broke).. They gave me a number to call, which I did. The greeting says I can leave a message or email them. I decide to email since it's so much more easier. I get a response to send my MJ bag to an address w/ a repair number assigned to me and that they will send it back to me in a few weeks.

    Has anyone done this before???

    Please share your experiences. I'm sure it'll be fine.. but i've never had to send in a bag before to get fixed.

    Thank you for your responses :heart: :heart:
  2. Hey!

    I've done this! My first MJ bag, a Venetia, lost a foot from its bottom within weeks of getting it. I called the MJ hotline, left a message, and they called me back. (Or maybe I did do it over email?) They gave me all the info and a file number. I sent them the bag and they repaired it and sent it back really quickly.... within 2-3 weeks, I think.

    I was really nervous about doing it, but it worked out just fine. They didn't charge for the repair. I believe the repair place was somewhat nearby to us.... maybe in NJ?

    I included a note, and I even stuck little cards with my contact information in all of the pockets, just in case they got confused or misplaced my paperwork.

    And I insured the bag in full, and sent it via UPS.
  3. Oh thanks KMSNYC :heart:

    I feel better about this now..

    I'll mail it out next week :p
  4. That's very smart!!
  5. You should have no problem! (Knock wood!)

    Good luck!:heart:
  6. I still have to send my Trish for repair but I think I'm just having a separation anxiety :sweatdrop: . I need to bring it to the store and see what they will say. I've been putting it off for ages!
  7. D&G rockstar, I just realized something. I went to the MJ store to let them take a look at my bag and they said I could bring it back (I was wearing it) and they would send it somewhere local to get it repaired and if they couldn't, they would send it to NY.

    From my understanding, they're gonna do all the work of sending my bag, repair it, and all I have to do is just bringing it to the store, wait, and get my bag back like brand new :p. Why don't you bring ur bag to the MJ store? You live in NY, right? It just seems more safe and hassle free.
  8. i need to almost all of my marc by marc bags are falling apart... very cheaply made... makes me sad
  9. I don't have a MbyMJ bag though I was pretty tempted to get the turnlock bowler :p. That really sucks. I know they are the cheaper version of MJ but they are not that cheap! They should seriously put more attention to quality for MbyMJ line.
  10. So I'm just resurrecting this thread because I called MJ in NY and they gave me a # to call, I emailed (repairs@marcjacobs.com), and then I got an email back from Diego (he had a yahoo.com address, but copied a marcjacobs.com address), and he gave me an "SRO#" and said to send it on up to NJ.

    This sounds legit, right? I, too, have MAJOR separation anxiety. :crybaby: This is my first MJ, and she's perfection, she just has this one little nickel rivet missing on the side. I emailed Diego back and asked if there was a charge (I'm assuming there isn't) and if they needed any other information.

    But this sounds legit so far, right? I'm so nervous!
  11. I had my Wonder bag (replaced a stud) repaired about a yr ago at a place in NJ too. They gave me a SRO number and I sent it in and got it back within a week. They did an excellent job. If I remember right it was called Moda Express or something like that. I believe they service other brands too, like Kors, etc.
  12. ohuprettything, did you have to pay for the repair service?
  13. When I had my zip bowler repaired in December I sent my bag to the store in Los Angeles on Melrose.
    It took like 7 days to get it back and everything turned out perfectly.
    The repair service was free, and they even included a not apologizing for any inconvenience.
  14. I emailed the person back, and he said there's no charge, and to just include all of my information inside the bag, along with the problem I want fixed. I'm going to send it in next week! We're going to overnight it and insure it for $1,000...will they insure it on the way back?