Has anyone sent their bag back to Chloe for a replacement Key?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I purchased a Chloe Capsule in Bleu nuit. It was such a great deal, I could not resist! :yahoo:However it was sold to me as is no key and no dust bag.

    I have contacted Chloe and they told me to send it to Chloe in NYC and they will replace the key and give me a dust cover for $50.00. :smile: I was wondering if anyone has done this? What has been you experience with this?

    They said it could take 4-6 weeks:crybaby:depending if they have the key and the leather color available in the showroom if not the leather will need to come from Paris.:sad:
  2. that sounds wierd - why do they need your bag? I wouldnt send my bag anywhere if i were you. I bought a clutch with no padlock & no dustbag.
    I emailed Chloe.com from the website. A contact there said they were going to try to find one for me. All they wanted was a photo of the bag , where i bought it etc. I also sent them colour & SN details. They gave me a reference number.

    I was cc'd into an email from her to the asian office looking for these items. I received an email from a lady there who posted me a dust bag last week.
  3. - They sent me the dust bag for free. I imagine a replacement padlock will cost me something.
  4. ^^^^ Chloe.com told me to go back to the store it was purchased at for replacement parts or repairs....They were no help at all.
    I needed a currrent color for this year, replaced. GOOD LUCK! Love chloe bags Not happy with SERVICE through chloe.com

  5. Yes they asked me where it was purchased which is Saks outlet. They told me to try my local Saks which were very friendly. They said Chloe customer service is the worst!:cursing: They ordered a lock for a client and it took a year, it would be best to contact them yourself.

    Once again I contacted Chloe with this info they were not surprised at all. They said even though the bag has the store tag and receipt. They still need the bag so they can make sure its authentic and to match up the color of the leather.
  6. yes i think they do this so they can confiscate fakes!!

    so if i ask chloe for a dustbag would they do this for me!?
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    Hi ladies,

    I am back with an update..I have actually been able to speak to customer service instead of an email.:smile:

    They were very friendly and told me that this is a policy for all bags not purchased through thier stores directly. If you purchase directly from Chloe then that store will be able to take care of you.

    I have went ahead and sent the bag back to them. I left all the tags on it and sent a copy of the receipt. Yes I definately insured it, So wish me luck...I hope all turns out ok.

    I guess if I can send my husbands expensive watch back for repair this should be the same thing! His watch was definately worth more then my handbag!
  8. im sure it will be fine, i know dior do a similar thing!!

  9. Thanks so much...I was a bit nervous about this :sweatdrop: until I spoke to an actual person in customer service!;) She reminded me they do this kind of thing all the time not to worry.
  10. I just wanted to stop in with an update. My lovely bag is on her way back to me! :yahoo: Chloe recieved it on friday 1/30 and just happened to have a lock with the bleu nuit strap and dustbag available. It cost me $50 plus $15 for 3 day shipping back to me.
  11. That's good news, was quick then, and every turned out ok!!:heart:
  12. Yay! That's great! :tup:
  13. oh thats great, i was thinking about doing a similar thing with a bag, nice to hear you got yours safe and sound!
  14. Fantastic! A great turnaround for Chloe :yes: