Has anyone sen the new Kristins IRL

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  1. I was wondering why the price point is so much less than the earlier bags. IS the leather or detailing lessened?
  2. I have the medium hobo and I am so clueless as to why it's so inexpensive. The leather is beautiful and rich and supple. The hardware is substantial and classy. The lining is a total yawn (tan inside the turquoise) but it's a gorgeous bag.
  3. How comfortable is it to wear on your shoulder? The strap looks wide and I've always found that wider straps slip off my shoulders compared to the thinner ones.
  4. i know it's like $300 less maybe it's the size comparison, i'm curious now??
  5. The strap is wide and comfy. The drop is too short though IMO.
  6. The drop on the large must b better. I can't wait to see this line in person.
  7. I just ordered the new Kristin satchel in turquoise last night. I didn't think the hobo style came in turquoise....how were you able to get it????
  8. IMO, the drops are always too short or too long on Coach bags, just call me Goldilocks.
  9. ROFL at the Goldilocks!

    The hobo in the medium is available to order thru JAX. It doesn't come in the large though.
  10. No not yet but my FP store has them and I can take pic's tomorrow..
  11. I want to go in tomorrow and chat my SA up for a sneak peek. I may order on the spot if I like it.
  12. Someone said the closures are just magnetic instead of the ball and clips on the original versions. The flap bags also look like they have less hardware and no compartments.

  13. That could be a way to reduce costs.