Has anyone seen?

  1. Hi! I'm new here and have been doing some searching but can't find the info I'm looking for! I am heading to the USA soon and trying to track down a reissue 255 in the off white... I have called the Chanel store in NYC (since that's where I'm headed) and they weren't very helpful just saying they don't have any! Then I called Bergdorfs and they said they had two in the medium and I said is that the 226 and she just kept saying what? I don't understand its the medium! So now I am very confused.... I can order one and pay for it over the phone and pick it up when I get there but does anyone know anywhere else in NY that currently has the off white in the 224 or 225 size or that can get one in? And does anyone know the retail prices and dimensions of them? Sorry about all the questions- I am just confused with all these numbers and impatient SA's!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!:heart:
  2. this has come up 2-3 times this week alone. You may want to do a search and see what the results yield.
  3. sorry! I have tried to search- my main question is if anyone still knows of a place where I can get the reissue (in dk white in the 226 size) transeferred to NYC. Thanks again
  4. hi i was at chanel soho yesterday and my SA said that the dark white 226 is coming out in fall. oh and the 226 is $1995 HTH!
  5. so the dark white is not available now? I'm so confused!!!!
  6. well it was but is sold out....but you should call because i don't know the full details. i only over heard a SA tell her clients....
  7. oh thankyou... A few more questions sorry! Does that price $1995 include tax? And if I am calling and buying one over the phone do I ask for the 226 (when I said this to the Bergdorf SA she seemed to have no idea what those numbers meant!) Is there anywhere else in NYC that might stock the bag (so far I have tried the madison store, Saks and Bergdorfs) Thanks again! :smile:
  8. that's before tax. . . try and get a different SA. Your Chanel SA should know EVERYTHING about these bags :bags:
    Have you tried an actual Chanel boutique?
  9. thanks for the reply- I thought it might be the before tax price :smile: And NY tax is about 10% right? I did call the chanel boutique- not the Soho one the other one and asked for the ivory re-issue and they just said "Sorry sold out thankyou" and were about to hang up! I said are you getting/can you get one in for me and they were just really short and said "no sorry". So THEN I asked if they knew any other store in NYC where I may possibly get one and they just said "no sorry" again and hung up. Then I called Saks and had the same response, then bergdorf which was a bit better, however when I asked for the 226 size she just said "I don't know what that is" we have large and medium... she did say I could pay for it over the phone and pick it up when I got there only I am a bit concerned about doing that incase something goes wrong and it's not there when I arrive with no record of paying for it!
  10. Oh wow! My CHanel boutique SA is anything but rude! I can't believe that service!

    Even my NM SA who specializes in Chanel ROCKS! In fact, she spent at least one full hour + w/ me and fellow PFer KathyD this afternoon!

    I guess I'd go ahead and pay for it over the phone. . . you'll have re-course if something happens, but it won't ;)
  11. yes- I think it may have been a combination of my Australian accent and the fact that it was late in the day that they didn't have much time for me! Yes I think I will pay for it over the phone even though I am not sure if me and the SA have the same idea of what is the "medium"..
  12. I love accents other than the one I have {southern drawl} I'd help you extra based on your cute accent! ;)
  13. I was told by Branden at the Chanel boutique on 57th in NYC that none of the Chanel boutiques order the darkwhite reissue in size 226. This was based on an email he exchanged with the Chanel buyer.

    The catalog number is A30226 in case you need it.

    I bought my 226 in Vancouver and today I just got hit with a 9% customs charge.:crybaby:
  14. :lol: thanks... they must have just not been feeling helpful today!
  15. I wonder why none of the chanel boutiques got it considering its a chanel...? How strange...