Has anyone seen...

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  1. #1 Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
    the owl keyfob at the outlets lately? How about the turtle?

    AND... has anyone seen the elephant keyfob at all - the one that looks like a cartoon, out of leather or whatever, NOT out of stones?

    These are the keyfobs I mean:
    (Pic taken by MsAmie, borrowed from reference library)
  2. I don't know about the owl, but there were tons of turtle keyfobs at Woodbury last Friday for $24. :yes:
  3. The owl and the turtle were both at the Michigan City outlet this weekend. :smile:
  4. OOOH... and what about the lion... has anyone seen him?

    I'm planning a trip to the outlets this weekend and if they're most likely going to be there, then I don't want to be buying them on ebay, where I'd probably end up spending more money.
  5. I've been looking for that elephant, but with no luck. And my outlet has the lion, but Texas -- PA, kinda a big distance.
  6. I saw the lion keyfob at my outlet yesterday. It is $16. They also have the parrot.

    My outlet HAD the turtle for 24 about 1-2 months ago.. I've never seen the elephant or remember seeing the owl at mine.
  7. I'm depressed about the elephant now that I've found it... he is SO cute and rarely on ebay so you KNOW it'll be expensive when he does show up.

    Ha, yeah, big distance but maybe it's a good sign. :smile:
  8. $16 for the lion? Oooh, maybe it'll be that cost at my outlet... forget spending $20+ on ebay then!
  9. Vacaville had the lion for $24 yesterday, but I got it a couple weeks ago at Carlsbad for $16. I haven't seen any of the others at any CA outlets recently - I did get the new blue fish yesterday for $24 though. I really want that turtle though now that I've figured out how to convert the keyfobs to charms (thanks Dragonette!).
  10. Oooh I kind of like the blue fish too!

    I just realized, I don't think I've seen keyfobs at my outlet for $16. They have $24 and $36 (I think?) and then the initials for less but that's it. Hmm.