Has anyone seen......

  1. Hi,
    I wondered if anyone has seen the new YSL black sandle shoes out. I got Vogue yesterday and their was a picture of black patent sandles with YSL done in the leather on the front. Have been trying to find out about them. I gather they are for this coming season but wondered when they would be in store and how much they retail for

    Does anyone know? Thanks:smile:
  2. Hmmm...I haven't seen them, but I found these I wanted to share with you guys:


    Yves Saint Laurent Heart Thong Sandals. Available in white, pink or black, each thong features gold ankle ties and a cute little heart to fit between your toes. $195
  3. Hey Saich2,

    Did you see pics of these:

  4. Another view:
  5. Thanks so much, thats them, are they new for 08 season. Love quirky things. I just also found the pre-order postcard clutch on Saks........:love: love that to

  6. Oh! I think I'm liking these for warmer weather more and more :love:...wish they did the heart in red also!