Has anyone seen.........

  1. ............Chanel Jewellery boxes?

    Thanks everyone.
    **Only 4 days till I'm back in the UK :yahoo: **
  2. Do you mean for sale somewhere?:shrugs:
  3. I was wondering too. . .
    what specifically do you mean?

    Big ones for storage purposes or small ones that your jewelry comes w/?
  4. The old fashioned kind of jewellery box, I never seen them for sale or even know if they exist but I wish!

    If I could design one it would be a black felt box with chanel symbol on the front and felt lined inside or with the same hot pink lining you see in the white/black cambons. What do you think?
  5. That sounds adorable! :yes:
  6. Like what a ring would come in from a fine jewelry store?
  7. I have one that I got at a D.C. benefit sale. It's a large black hinged box with different compartments. The cover says Chanel. (I never saw a Chanel jewelry box the whole time I used to frequent the DC boutique, which is now long gone, replaced by the mini "boutique" at Tysons (that has no clothes). What a downgrade from a full service boutique!!
  8. Jmen, I would really love to see a picture :smile:
  9. yep i like!
  10. Here are pics of the ole jewelry box.


  11. OH!!!
    That is VERY cool!!
    Is there a place you can post that in the Reference Library?
    Maybe the Misc thread?

  12. That looks very, very beautiful!!!:nuts:
  13. OMG!!.BEAUTIFUL!!!:yes:
  14. oh it's so cute!! I really really like it. I especially love the Chanel jewelry. ;)

  15. omg i know! but over at Saks in the same mall they carry the clothes.....