Has anyone seen violet coin purses yet?

  1. I am really impatient! I am on the list for BalNy when they get violet coin purses in, but I think I'm pretty far down. Has anyone seen these at any other store yet?
  2. I'm also on the waitlist for a violet coin purse. I think I'm close to the top of the list so I will let you know when they arrive :yes:
  3. Sorry, I can't help much. I'm looking for one too since I never got on the BalNY list. I've been checking NM and haven't seen anything in violet yet.
  4. I want one so badly! and the stores around my country hadn't received it jet... and don't know whether they're going to or not.

  5. Erica, thanks, I appreciate you letting me know.

    Kate, I was going to check my local NM, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Since you said you haven't seen them yet, I guess I'll wait a little longer. I would rather put it on next month's credit card statement anyway!

    Rubinaa, I hope you're able to get one!
  6. Coda, the last time I checked NM doesn't seem to carry coin purse at all, maybe you should try another store too :smile:
  7. Just curious what you put in these little bags....
  8. burukogepanda, LOVE all your coin purse. It's amazing. Soooo beautiful. :nuts:
  9. Thanks alot jj2006 :heart:
  10. I know that Barneys is getting their accessories shipment in 5 weeks... (I'm also waiting... :hysteric:)
  11. Barney's NY (Copley Place - Boston) had a Violet Coin Purse as well as the Violet Compagnon Wallet. They were stunning!!

    BTW ... I was there yesterday (Sat, Aug-17), so they might still be there.
  12. I talked to Daphne at BalNY on tuesday and she said that the violet coin purses wouldn't be available until for another 2 weeks.. hope this helps!!
  13. I meant the Barneys on Madison, should have clarified! Sorry!
  14. Harrods in the UK just said 4 weeks and Harvey Nics said September.
  15. The Barneys NY - Copley (Boston) as well as the Barneys NY - Chestnut Hill (also Massachusetts) both have the Violet Compagnon (Wallet) as well as the Coin Purses. Call now ... or they will be gone!!!

    BTW ... the Compagnon Wallet at the Barneys NY - Chestnut Hill store was especially beautiful! The leather was superb and the color was vibrant (I was even thinking about it - but I already have three Compagnon wallets and don't need another!).

    Good luck!!