Has anyone seen Ultra Soft Caviar Calfskin Flap?!

  1. All of a sudden I am OBSESSING over this bag! My SA told me it was called an Ultra Soft Caviar Calfskin w/new chain and it came out earlier this year. I've seen small ones in black and white and a jumbo in white. Can't find a jumbo in black to save my life!!!

    It looks exactly like a Caviar flap (only with MM closure) and the chain is a hematite gray color. I looked through the reference thread and this is the only picture I found that looked similar (thanks to ldldb). She calls it something a little different though...

    Anyone seen a Jumbo in Black in their shopping travels?! If so, let me know!! Thanks! I've put the "heads up" out to a few SA's as well!

    This leather is so, so soft I could just die! The SA's don't seem to like it though.....I have no idea why!
  2. It's GORGEOUS! Hmmmh, I wonder what the leather feels like...it does look soft...
  3. Maybe she just doesn't care for that sepcific color? I think the bag itself is beautiful. I probably wouldn't go for the color but I LOVE the style.
  4. The leather is oh so soft! That's why I like it so much! The SA's don't like the white or the black...I don't know why? Maybe it's too different?
  5. Thanks but I don't think it's distressed caviar. There is a distressed Lambskin flap. The bag I'm looking for looks exactly like a caviar bag....until you touch it. The colors are deep and rich looking...not distressed at all. My SA looked it up in her book and said it was the "Ultra Soft Caviar Calfskin."
  6. It's the same bag as the Courtney Cox. It's a distressed hyrbid flap w/ finished bijoux chain. My SA has one if you want it. Just PM me for info. $2595.00 is the price. =)
  7. Thanks Tracy. PM Sent!
  8. Ok. I just got the style number off a smaller bag at Saks and called Chanel's 800# about it.

    The bag I want is called a "Timeless Classic" and it was from the '07 Collection. It was Grained Calfskin and had a Ruthenium (sp?) chain! So, it's not "Ultra Soft" as I thought, and it's not distressed or bijoux as someone else thought!

    Now that I have the style number I can have NM check to see if they have it.

    My new question is...why so many different names for the same bags? That's what makes it so confusing in trying to track down a bag!!! I might go make a new post about that!!!
  9. I have this bag in red and it is distressed. They may have told you it is not distressed, but it really is!

    On this website it has also been called the 'hybrid bag' and 'Courtney Cox bag' as previously posted.
  10. Why is it called a "hybrid?" What is it a "hybrid" of?
  11. ^^having the classic chain and the MM lock make the bag a "hybrid." Normally the combos are:
    Classic chain with CC lock
    MM chain with the MM lock

    (not an expert in Chanel, but that's what I've learned so far)
  12. Yeah but this one is the MM lock and the MM chain so therefore this one wouldn't be a "hybrid", right?!!!

    I got the name directly from Chanel from the style number.....