Has anyone seen tomato????

  1. I did!!! I wanted to know what your opinions were regarding this color. I thought it was pretty. I think it looks very very similar to rouge vif!!! What do you think?
  2. DETAILS please.......how was the leather? Is it bright? Will I love it?
  3. tomato is a bright red with very very slight orange...like a bright poppy red. the sa said rouge vif is a blue tone red. the leather on the tomato bags were shiny new and lovely. Nordstrom sacramento has a really gorgeous city, but tomato is not the red for me. i also saw a first and day. i can't remember if i saw the brief.
  4. Live~ there was only one tomato bag I saw in the day style. It was really pretty. I thought at first glance it was a rouge vif but then realized it was tomato. The leather was pretty good. A little "glazed" looking but once broken in it would be fine. No veins or distressing on the bag there.
  5. Yes!!!~Odd~ great description! It does look like a poppy red with very slight orange tones~ (just slight)
  6. Ack............a day? that's the style I want for my red b bag.........

    Thanks Zac :heart:
  7. i saw the tomato with GSH in the work and a RH tomato in the first. compared to the vif, the tomato is brighter. the way i see it tomato really is like a tomato while vif looks more strawberry colored.

    the undertones on it are very very slight... tomato is a darker vermilion.

    livethelake, if you love a bright red, you will love tomato. :smile: it is pretty!

  8. YES!!!!!!!!! Thanks Pluiee
  9. I have a tomato First coming to me later this week :graucho:
  10. ^^ depends, is that "toe-may-toe" or "toe-mah-toe" (?) :shrugs::lol::upsidedown:
  11. i have some pics from BalNY in the day and GH city - it looks like a bright red poppy, but the leather doesn't seem as thick as the other 07 leathers. it looks a little thin and very shiny...
  12. Wheeeeee! I have a tomato coin purse coming to me, as well, this week. Will post comparison pics with Rouge Vermilion to show how dis/similar the colors are...
  13. NUTCASE! :p bama, I miss your Balenciaga sightings with pics!!!
  14. ^^ lol, sorry i'm such a smarty pants today :lecture:

    p.s. i'll try & take some more spy shots soon!!!
  15. tomato is bright.