Has Anyone seen this?????

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  1. Hello!!!
    Today I went to my Favorite store Nordstrom!!! LOL I was chatting with the SA in handbags about Coach, when she turned to comment on another customer's Coach bag! It was very pretty!!

    Madison Clover Leaf Sophia!!!!


    I had never seen the Green Sophia. (I would call it Kelly Green - tad lighter) It is very very pretty!!!! I would say the color is more Spring than Fall. It doesn't really matter because it is Coach!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  2. I saw this IRL and I agree with you, it just doesn't look like a Fall/Winter color. It is pretty though and I love the dark blue lining.
  3. Id love to see a "real"pic. I love green
  4. I would really be tempted by this color if I hadn't already bought the Gathered Sophia!!! I didn't even know that the Sophia came in green. I just thought it was Black, Purple and Brown.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. It looks beautiful.
  6. It reminds me so much of Spring!!! Kind of interesting the color is out now for Fall!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. Very pretty green
  8. It's a beautiful color, but I agree that it looks more like spring than fall. I saw the wristlet in clover last week and the color really does catch your eye.
  9. That would be very tempting to get the wristlet!! I would at least have a pop of green during the Blah of winter!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. I saw this and thought immediately what a great spring summer bag she'd be...but not so much for fall or winter....
  11. It's a Spring green as far as I am concerned. I really wish they would do an deep, lush green for the Fall and Winter.
  12. ME TOO! Every time I go into Coach, I ask my SAs if there is anything coming that will be in a dark green! I NEED one to round out my collection .. LOL!!
  13. A deep deep Green would have been really pretty!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. That green is amazing for a spring bag....not so much for winter.
  15. Does anyone have a pic of this bag? I would like to order it with PCE but would really love to see it's true color. Thanks!