Has anyone seen this???

  1. bag borrow or steal...

    I do not understand the concept because the rates that these people charge are not worth it, I think it is a better idea to buy bag. What do you guys think?

    Even the lowest price of 90 per week...The bag would be bought over 2 months?

    Any thoughts?
  2. There was a thread about it before. IMO it's not worth it.:smile:
  3. It seems strange to me to rent it for about the same price (over a short time) it could be yours and owned??!! Weird. Plus how about quality? I mean if it is a "rental" and people have insurance, why would they care about being careful...seems Weird to me
  4. Use the search function..There are numerous threads on this topic
  5. I did this but nothing came up , i will try again.
  6. A business like this has just started up in Aus too. I guess it might suit someone who would like to try the bag out before they buy. I would much rather put the money away and buy my own nice new bag though, rather than a rent-a-bag that has been used by who knows who.:s
  7. Exactly my thought too :yes:

    And I still cant bring anything up in the search area?
  8. Does anyone care to help me post a link? Still no such luck on search of forum? TIA