Has Anyone Seen This?

  1. This has been listed for a really long time. I think it sits because of the handle not being replaced by Hermes. :amazed: What does everybody else think?
  2. :shocked: what have they done to that poor bag :cry: the leather dried out the handle the hardware oh my gosh and i highly doubt that hermès can do wonders with this bag :cry:
  3. i think it's way too worn, i'm not sure if this can ever be restored?? i think if you look from a distance it looks fine, but when you look up close it looks pretty bad.
  4. It looks to worn out, especially the rust on the hardware.
  5. They ruined it!!:sick: :sick: :sick: :mad: :mad:
  6. I'm curious but do you think Hermes will be able to replace the handle? Not that I'm going to bid on this but it's such a shame what they did to this bag ...
  7. Past a certain point, hermes can not fix it. this may be that point.
    How will they match new croc colors to a very old croc? there is no way!, so they can probably not replace the handle, same for the strap (was there one?) and the key cover?
  8. That's so sad ... It was such a fabulous bag! If only they had Hermes fix the handle ...:cry: