Has Anyone Seen This??

  1. That is so cute! I wish I saw this in the store!
  2. I saw this at the outlet tied on one of the outlet exclusive stripe pouches. I think it was around $25.
  3. That is pretty....I'm assuming it was a factory store exclusive since it has an f in the style #
  4. I have this but in blue. I got it at one of the Vegas outlets in December and gave it to my daughter for Christmas. Looks so cute when she wears it as a headband when she's wearing jeans.
  5. ahhh i want one!!!! glad to know its at the outlets.
  6. That is adorable!!
  7. awww that's so cute! do you think there might still be any at the outlets?
  8. ^^^^ if so, does any one knows for how much is selling?
  9. Oh, I don't even think there's an outlet in my state! I was worried that'd be the only place to get it. If anyone sees one, think of me and think of selling it on eBay!! - To Me of course!!
  10. That scarf is adorable! I wish I would have seen it too. Oh and in blue... I love blue! I'm supposed to be on a ban but this makes me want to visit my local Outlet ASAP.
  11. I like the green, perfect for St. Patty's Day.