Has anyone seen this?

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  1. I thought it was pretty.

  2. yup i've seen that at Barney's i think. cute but not as edgy.
  3. I bought a Hook bag in ink and then returned it. I felt for $1,495 I''d rather have a Chanel. It's a little too pricey IMO for a fun bag. Here's pics of the one I returned.
  4. It looks good, but not what I call an "IT bag".
  5. I saw the larger version, like a Work bag with hook details, at NM in SD and it looks really good. I just don't like this boxy one.
  6. Ooh! Thanks for sharing the pictures Kat!
  7. ^^ Oh yea, I saw the larger one in NM SF too in white and it's quite lovely (they also have it in other colors + sizes), but I'm not converted yet
  8. it's nice in the dark colors.. .but i still like the classic look.
  9. 0o0o0 i like the white!!!! its a nice bag but i'd still stick with the b-bags eg/ FIRST etc...
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