Has anyone seen this? What do you think?

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  1. Great for travelling!
  2. I've never used them, but this site has a bunch. You can even create your own: http://www.schtickers.com/
  3. it's appearance is pretty. but anything with windows vista on it should have like 4 GB of RAM, trust me
  4. I think it's super cute, but it's kind of stuck between a "real" computer and an iphone in terms of usefulness. Most people don't don't need a clutch-sized computer to lug around when their mobile device will do. And if you're actually going to put a laptop to work, I agree with dbt that it has insufficient memory. It's probably kind of slow, especially when you're using several programs at once.
  5. very pretty but expensive
  6. Super cute! I love it!
  7. It's running XP, so it should be fine.
  8. I love it!!! This is a must have for me.. :smile:
  9. It's gorgeous! But I agree, not sure how functional it would be.

    I don't mind small screens, in fact, what I hate is the laptops with 17 inch screens, I figure if I want a screen that big I'll get a desktop.

    I'm in Australia and have been thinking of getting a mini Dell, but I've heard they are only really good as a "travelling computer" (ie. in addition to a desktop).

    My current latop is over 6 and a half years old and still going, but I always describe it as being on life support ... ie still hanging on but slowly fading away! (If that is 45.5 in dog years I wonder what it is in computer years?)

    I am planning on buying a new computer this year, but also trying to pay off credit card debt so not wanting to spend a lot.
  10. Cute, but not useful for me.
  11. I'm a mac person, but that is adorable!!
  12. I love me a case/skin for a lappy, but I don't like this one. Sorry.
  13. This made me literally laugh out loud. I couldn't agree more!
  14. Ditto...especially for the price!
  15. Its pretty, but the specs suck IMO. 1GB memory and only 60GB hard drive? Its good for "Keep in touch via e-mail, Web, IM in style" and thats about it.