Has anyone seen this? What do you think?

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  1. I saw this today and love it! It is so cute! But, I'm not really sure how useful it is. One of the comments mention that it is good for simple everyday tasks.
  2. It's sooo pretty! I'm also not sure how useful it is either, though as far as having the appropriate memory, space and all that. But I wish I could convert my laptop into that beautiful design; it would definitely match my room better than black and blue plastic :smile:
  3. I give them credit... It's adorable!

    I don't know if I could stand using such a small laptop everyday. I would think my eyes might eventually rebel against me.

    And for $699 I would rather spend a little more and get a fully functional laptop (for school, etc).

    BUT if I had money to spare I think this is an adorable thing to own for smaller tasks.
  4. I think it's GORGEOUS, but kind of useless in terms of being an everyday computer.
  5. It's cute, but for the price, you would be better off getting one of the mini ones running 299.00 and 399.00 and putting a skin on it or as Lissi said, spend a little more and get a regular laptop and skin it.

    My Vaio, is almost the same size and weighs just .4 more...granted my vaio was more expensive, but it a lot more computer.
  6. I too think it is cute, but I don't have a use for it. I would totally buy one if I traveled a lot!
  7. I like it! I bet it would look gorgeous in teal too!
  8. Omg I love it, I need one asap, so I can browse TPF even in the metro! One more gadget to ensure future blindness.
  9. It's really pretty but I'm not sure how useful it would be.
  10. oooo... I never thought of a skin. Who makes them and where do you get them? Do they come in pretty colors?
  11. Uh-Oh that's a really good/bad idea!
  12. I think it's really cute and a nice idea. If I had the money just laying around and I didn't need anything else, I'd get it lol.
  13. So cute..but oh so useless!
  14. It's so pretty and cute! But I would just spend the extra money and get a better laptop that can actually be useful.