Has anyone seen this wallet?

  1. [​IMG]
    Has anyone seen ^^ this wallet in stores or outlets?

    i only found a pic of similar wallet online. . .
    (photo by Ladydior, sorry i didnt ask for permission before using your pic:push:smile:[​IMG]
    the one on top seems to have the silver hardware upsidedown, any info on this wallet?
  2. hmm where did you get that first pic?

    I think it is looks kinda fake :hrmm:
  3. It's a fake. There's no way Dior would allow a wallet to be sold like that when you pay so much for them.

    It's ok that you used the picture.
  4. I think that looks fake. look at the stitching too, it is so uneven on the flap!
  5. http://s201.photobucket.com/albums/aa23/zoo_marty/red%20wallet/

    i got the pics from ^^
    i won the bag on eBay and came across matching wallet in the seller's photobucket album. . .(the wallet was not listed on eBay)
    i thought it was bit weird how the cd metal was upside down . . so i thought it couldve been a different model. .
    hmm.. im kinda worried that the bag i won might be fake too. . .:hrmm:
  6. you might want to post this in the authenticate thread.
  7. the bag was authenticated by lovely tpf members:tup:
    but just wondering if that wallet existed since its from the seller. . .
    and yes i upload the link to authenticate dior thread
    thanks for your help:smile:
  8. i dont know where he got that wallet from - i dont think Dior would let a wallet with such an issue as an upside down logo out ...to be honest i just focused on the pics of the bag ... the bag still looks good to me though :yes: did u get another opinion about the gold card, girlie?