Has anyone seen this wallet before?

  1. I just noticed this Damier wallet for men on eluxury which I've never seen before (and I can't find it on louisvuitton.com). It looks really good!

    Zip Compact Wallet$455.00

  2. Might be new?
  3. yeah i've seen it. i was thinking of getting it a while back... it is really cute! i like the compact zipped wallets from each line. they're all slightly different.
  4. ooh I havent seen this either...elux is always putting up new stuff...
  5. Oh yes, I really like this too. Was on dh's shopping list when he went overseas recently. This style was also in last year's catalogue...
  6. i don't think that it is new coz i bought my compact zip wallet in monogram canvas 4 years back and LV had this damier model as well.
  7. it's not new.........ask me n i'll know :graucho:
  8. that's a nice wallet, I haven't seen it before.
  9. I have the zippy. Bought same time as the bag it's with. It's in my showcase:yes:
  10. It's not new, it's found in the women section of small leather goods.
  11. hmm..thats a cute wallet.
  12. I have it, it's not new, is the zip compact wallet, the image shows the wallet in another position, so it seems to be new but it isn't
  13. IT'S gorgeous, I am getting a bastille soon so I want this as well!!! YAY
  14. I have this wallet and it is great!!! Looks brand new still and I had it 3 years now!!!:yes:
  15. I had that one awhile back and have already recycled to my kids.
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