Has anyone seen this super giant flap-tote in stores?

  1. I love this bag but it looks kind of huge.:p
    Has anyone seen this bag recently in a boutique/store? I am looking for my next chanel and need a large every day bag that can haul the entire contents of my house. I would love this bag in black. The sad thing is I watched this auction and let it get away. I'm kicking myself now.

    eBay: NWT CHANEL 05A Quilted Lambskin Shoulder Bag CC Logo (item 150074263521 end time Dec-28-06 22:57:49 PST)

    I hope it is okay to post eBay links as a reference?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. theres a pic of the tag in the pics, looks like it might be either from Saks or the boutique. Why dont you take down the style number and call customer service for Saks and chanel and have them do a search? It was on sale.
  3. i will do that tomorrow when i go into NM to pick up something i placed on hold. i wanted to see if i could get a heads up on a place it is or has been. i'm just wondering how big it really is... hmm.
  4. Ohhh that reminds me of the crescent flap that just went on sale at Neimans/Nordstroms/Saks! I'm assuming this size was on sale as well which means it might be hard to locate now.

    I dont remember seeing it anywhere lately though, sorry. good luck on your search!!
  5. oooh, I like that alot! Let us know if you find anything out about the name/Ligne or stock!
  6. I think the Seattle Nordstrom still had some of the cresent flap bags left from the sale. But there are in the back so you have to specifically as for them. Sorry, I don't remember what colors were left.
  7. Hi Kirsten, like the others have said, a very similar style - in the same (purplish color, same logo, crescent flap) was just on sale. I specifically saw the purple at NM SF, NM King of Prussia, and Nordstrom Seattle for you to start with. Good luck!
  8. ooo thank you so much guys!! i'm going to give them a call. were they this size, or the smaller bags? i like this big size. :smile:
  9. This is not in the system at all at NM...I just called to check. Good luck in your search!
  10. I love this bag. Nice size too.
  11. I was told that this is from the 2005 "Moon" collection. It is no longer available at Nordstrom's either. That's what I know...
  12. Ooh haven't seen that! Cute! Hope you find it.
  13. I could have sworn I saw that bag recently at NM Newport Beach, on sale. It was the smaller size, but it was on sale 30%, and additional 25% off I think. Try giving them a call 949-759-1900, ask for Cynthia in Handbags.