Has anyone seen this style Paddington available?

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  1. I did a search on it but could not find anything on this bag.

    NM says its a Paddington Hobo, but when I search it, it gives me a different styled hobo with a shorter strap and more of a boat-ish shape.


    I have been watching it go on sale to the $1xxx mark, but it sold out before anymore markdowns. I suddenly started wanting this bag really bad again! Does anyone know where I can still find this bag for purchase? Thanks all!!
  2. Chloe made a couple of hobos. This style went on sale in 2007. I had one, but it was too heavy. Maybe try ebay or the outlets (NM last call or off 5th). If you do ebay, remember to have it authenicated here first.
  3. Oh Thanks so much for your input!! Heaviness will definitely put me off from buying one. Did you have the gray or black one?
  4. I agree with Kiss_p...ebay would be your best bet!
    I too had one and wasn't crazy about it...it was quite heavy.
  5. i have seen loads of these in the past year on ebay!! i think its the paddington messenger or something like that the hobo is the boat shape one!

    search through ebay and bonanzle.com im sure your find one, its just getting one in the colour you want.

    be sure to get anything you see authenticated!!
  6. These do come up for sale quite a bit - try ebay and bonanzle as the others have suggested.

    From what I've heard, I think the weight puts a lot of people off, that's why you usually don't have to wait too long to see someone selling one.

    If you can carry heavy bags - Chloes aren't the lightest of bags anyway! - then go for it, I think it's a great bag :heart:
  7. yes i do remember people saying the bag was quite heavy!!
  8. this style is on ebay regularly, I have owned a hobo paddy and found it to cut into my shoulder because of the weight and only the one handle... love the color and hardware combination though
  9. Thanks Everyone!! I love hearing about everyone's views on the bag. I'm new to Chloe, but I was wondering if the padlock making the bag heavy, or was the bag itself was heavy?
  10. Thank you! I just love the shape of the bag. Yikes, I'm not hearing great stuff about this Paddy. :P That's good though, I'd hate to get buyer's remorse.
  11. i think the bag is quite large with thick leather so may be heavy in its self! the plus the padlock i think its super heavy!
  12. I have seen a few of these on ebay too - they would be the messenger style. I have the hobo style myself and find it very roomy as it is a decent sized bag. Its heavier because there is alot of leather. The padlock alone doesnt add that much weight. I dont fill it up as it would get too heavy.

    It sits really well on the shoulder, the strap is a good length. If you need a bigger bag sometimes, like I do then this one is perfect so dont be too discouraged. There are times i have a big book to read on the train and the regular paddy can't fit them in.