Has anyone seen this site?

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  1. I have just found what seems to be a genuine site dedicated to very gently used luxury designer handbags with loads of Mulberry, Roxannes etc and just want to know if anyone has purchased from here? The website link is lovehandbags.co.uk.
  2. Can't tell for sure... but they do actually have a phone number and a mailing adress that isn't a PO box, so that is a good sign. Also noticed that they seem to be very anti-fake....

    I'd love to hear from anyone else, though... perhaps some of our UK members are more familiar with them?
  3. Doesn't look bad but no street address, only PO box which I have a mistrust of, and the prices are pretty much close to retail so may as well buy from an authorised stockist and know it's the real deal
  4. Thanks for the replies. I take your points, though the bags on this site look gorgeous with a good mix of ages and styles, some gorgeous vintage stuff. There does seems to be a degree of depth to the ethics behind the site, with lots to read, authenticity, history etc, and they seemingly offer a 100% refund policy on authenticity backed by a reputable payments system. The army green coffer bag which I have looked for for ages, especially after it sold out at net-a-porter is a fair discount on the original price. I'm not particularly good with ebay and have trouble with all the fake bags, so am going to pursue this, especially as there is a contact tel number. In the meantime if anyone can validate this is a genuine item please take a look at lovehandbags.co.uk, miu miu, totes, army green coffer bag. Any replies will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Like I say, for that price you could buy one from a store and not worry about authenticity
  6. I agree with Mooks, I would only sing praises for this place if I was ADVERTISING
  7. ;)
  8. Have you done a search? They seem to be big on the Mulberry forum