Has anyone seen this recently...r/o

  1. maybe at an outlet

  2. Super cute/
  3. That is so cute! Sorry, haven't seen it...
  4. those are VERY rare. There is a black one on eBay for $99!
  5. I've not seen it, but i'd love one in red!
  6. I would love to have one in black. Are they from a while ago?
  7. Call Customer Service at 1-888-262-6224 and ask if they have Item # 6685.

    You may just get lucky! I did and got a bag that was "sold out" for "forever" ;)
  8. that is soooo cute, I hope you find it.
  9. Yep....I tried that. Thanks anyway!
  10. omg that is so cute mini skinny if anyone finds it let me know that is a must have metallics are so hott now!!!
  11. Oh that is too cute!!