Has anyone seen this one IRL?

  1. Never seen it IRL, but I can clearly see this bag is STUNNING. That leather is dreamy.:girlsigh:

    Good luck Erica. You're on a roll!!!!
  2. Yes, fendihunter, I was just imaging how the leather will feel like!! I so want to stroke it, pet it, squish it and squash it!

    Just wondering, anyone knows why it's called the Monk Bag?
  3. Yes, I saw this bag IRL. It's very pretty and the leather is incredibly baby soft.
  4. I saw this bag and immediately thought it looked so soft and squishy and perfect!! Does anyone own a "monk bag" ?? I'd love to see the inside and she said she has a mocha colored one for sale too??? I can't find it.
  5. It's called the Monk because that is the type of leather that it is. I believe the formal name of the bag according to LP is Linea Metallica. The Monk is just unbelievable. It has an awesome grain to it. There is no vein and it's really thick and smooshy. The tassel that holds the mirror is really stretchy and that's how the leather is too. You can really the difference of the monk and the arena when you pull on the tassels:yes:
  6. What happened to the auction?
  7. It's still up:yes: