Has anyone seen this new Olive Brown in person?

  1. these are the photos from BalNYC. Wondering if it's a true dark brown like it looks in this photo or if it has any olivish undertones.

    *The one on the left.:yes:
  2. According to Joseph at Bal NY, there's no "olive" in it at all. It's a deep, dark brown.
  3. Wow! is this the new Fall 06 Marron? They already have it in stock?
  4. yeppers, i would say that's true ^^ :true:
  5. Is that bag in the middle the caramel for fall 06?!?
  6. Is truffle on the right?
  7. If so, its gorgeous in that picture. Reminds me of a Hershey bar :graucho:
  8. Yes.
  9. I Love It!!!!!
  10. Me too. Tonight I'll post a pic of the Truffle and Caramel Day/Hobo's from Bal NY. Just need to watermark it first.
  11. This is the note I received from BAlNYC

    There are actually three browns for fall: Olive brown (the darkest, on far left of photo), caramel (middle tan color), and truffle (on right, rich carmelized brown). The day is $995. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!
  12. So with all of this said. Which brown for my Day? Truffle or the new dark olive brown????????????????:shrugs:
  13. Good question - wish I could help you out, but I am wondering the same thing! :nuts: Is there any chance you could forward a larger photo of these by email to me? I am so desperate to get a closer look at these colors! I thought I would love the olive brown, but until I see it IRL I am leaning toward the truffle (which I didn't care for in all the other styles.... what is up with that... I am just THAT confused!) Glad I am not alone - if you come up with any ideas let me know! :girlsigh:
  14. whoa,i love the fall colors!
  15. Funny that you say that about the truffle. As I was returning my Ink box I tried on the Truffle day and I really liked it. My friend also liked it a lot on me. Now I'm thinking Truffle? If I wait for the Ollive Brown and don't like it the Truffle may be gone?????? What to do?:sad: