Has anyone seen this new LE Spy?

  1. Hi,

    I was talking to the Manager at Harrods the other day, and it seems their is a new LE couture spy out. I have not seen it but wondered if anyone in the PF has.

    Its very limited, only 2 came into the UK and both got sold. Its the same style and design as the Crackle spy but its in burnt toffee colour. They had one at Harrods and Sloane St.Fendi, so if anyone has seen this bag let us know what its like. I could kick myself not being able to get to London to see the new spy.
  2. ohh yea I have seen it...I think if you go to the link for the spy updates...I think I saw it there....

    Or it could have been under one of the Fendi experts (where the signature is at the bottom of the post, there is a link to pictures of most of the spys to date)...I don't really remember who tho...I saw on one of my study breaks...

    It looks like the one you have but its a darker color!!! But don't worry Saich your spy is much more pretty! It is such a light shimmery color!!! I :heart: it, I would have purchased one, until I found out it was almost $6000!!!:crybaby::wtf:

    ***if you ever sell your spy, I will gladly take it off your hands (although your probably never will its so beautiful!) but if you do, i would definetly be interested:yes:***

  3. Also, check out the Authentic Spy Picture Reference & Drool! Yay!

    Here this is the link...its from right under Lit's signature...I think that its the one under "limited edition bags" but now i'm not quite sure....take a look

    Ohh and if you're interested in the bag would they be able to send you a picture? Sometimes if I am interested in purchasing a bag and cannot see it (because its in the states) then I usually get the SA to send me a picture. They have always done it for me when I asked, maybe you can get them to send a picture if they still have it
  4. Thanks for the list, but its not on their, only the crackle spy is on their.

    This is a brand new one out, just been released think their only 20 worldwide and the 2 that came into the UK have been sold. Just wondered if anyone had seen any in the big stores.
  5. Oh sorry I thought it was different! my bad!:shame:
  6. i thought you might be talking about this one that I have on the picture reference

  7. Do not know if thats the one, Monica told me it was burnt toffee, but this picture does look a bit like the crackle, Lit is it on your spy reference thing?

  8. Yes, that is where I linked the pic from. It is under "limited editions II" so maybe that is why you did not see it before.

    This pic looks kinda like burnt toffee to me, and I think the way they did the pinches is the same as on the crackle (but you would know better than me!). Could be that the color balance is off in the pic and it is more brown in real life. Don't remember where I got this pic--I think someone posted it in a thread a while back and I saved it, but just a couple days ago got around to uploading it.
  9. Yes I could not find it on the thread, looked at both pages on the LE but could not see it.

    I believe this new spy, the leather is "pinched" together, which makes it look like the crackle but on the crackle its not pinched, its like a rope effect put all over the bag and covered in silver.

    You have been a great help, thank Lit.
  10. OMG LIT & SAICH!! Where has this LE Spy been hiding???

    Now this is a BAGLADY LE !! :drool::drool::drool:

    I absolutely love it! This one looks like it is not as metallic as Crackle Spy, correct??
    Just my luck they made so few....:crybaby:
  11. Thanks Lit.

    Baglady the spy is made of leather, and is meant to be sooooooooo soft even softer than normal spy bags. I do not know if they have hit the US yet so if anyone sees one perhaps they could post where they saw it.
  12. Saich2 I think I might of saw this bag when I was in Las Vegas at NM at the Fashion Show Mall. I remember the SA showing me a bag and he said it was a limited edition and the price was way up there. I could find out for you if you want me to. Nice Bag!
  13. You mean the leather on the crackle is softer than the regular leather on spys? Even the older non bubbly types? Crazy! The way it looks I can't even imagine it..I wish I could see one in real life! Dallas never gets anything cool..except for that purple sequined spy I guess..
  14. The silver crackle spy, the one I have is in suede, this new one is in leather and is meant to be softer than the normal regular spy. I have not felt it but thats what the Manager of harrods told me also my SA at fendi.
    Would be interesting to see it IRL and get some more photos of it.
    I think Fendi are sneaky they slip these LE spys out every now and then:sneaky: