Has anyone seen this new collection (which isn't shown on coach.com)?

  1. I'm sorry i don't have a picture of one of these bags, but ill try to describe it as well as i can:shame: ..They are made of smooth brown leather which seems thicker than most of coach's leather as these bags feel heavier than normal. I believe the larger ones have "coach" branded on the outside fronts. Also, inside these bags is a really pretty striped satin lining of all different colors. Has anyone seen these??:shrugs:
  2. Nope, where did you see them?
  3. oh wait i think i know what your talking about..someone had it in their bag showcase..
  4. I saw these at the coach boutique, which is why im wondering why they aren't on the web site!?
  5. on then nevermind lol then it was something else.
  6. hmmm...maybe the bag you're talking about will be added to the website real soon. They might just have the one floor model right now & they weren't supposed to put it out yet. I'm just guessing here.
  7. This sounds really cute. I like the simple leather with a pretty satin striped lining inside. If you find a pic, please post. Do you see it on eBay by any chance?
  8. Are they in the new catalog? There are quite a few brown bags out right now, but they aren't really smooth, they have a pebbled texture. I'm waiting for the shoes from the new catalog.
  9. I haven't seen it, but I'm intrigued. Please post if you find pics.
  10. Maybe it is from the new collection, due out next month? When I was at the store last week, the SA told me to come back August 1st, as that's when they'd have the new stuff in. I know that my Coach store gets stuff 1 day ahead of other stores in the area, maybe your boutique gets some stuff even sooner?
  11. yeah it must be brand new fall stuff that came in real early...weird. I bet you all are going to love it when you see it :smile:
  12. I saw a bunch of stuff in the catalog that isn't on the website, I think most of it will be released on the website in August.