Has anyone seen this necklace...bought it yesterday at Saks

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  1. I dont have it with me just yet since I had it shipped to save tax heehee (from MD to VA)

    Its mini black and gold interwoven chain and leather with the letters C H A N E L hanging off it in gold...the gold is not bright gold more like a brushed metal gold, very pretty.

    It also comes in silver hdw too.

    Retails for 495 USD.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen it or bought it...great price for a Chanel necklace piece I think and it can be a belt or necklace.

    Mine was 85cm, the only size they had there...
  2. i've seen it, it's quite pretty.
  3. Would love to see your pics when it arrives, Cory. I'm pretty sure I know which one you are talking about.:yes:
  4. I believe that I have also seen it- very cute! Congrats!
  5. It's a great necklace! Post pics please! :yes:
  6. I've seen it IRL as well and it's very pretty. I certainly hope you post pics of you modeling it!:nuts:
  7. I think I know which one your talking about its way cute!!! Post pics when you get it!
  8. Is it real gold or gold plated?
  9. Is it this one Cory?
  10. yes have seen it and matching bracelet
    absolutely adorable
  11. ^ If that is the one it is very pretty
  12. yes---mine is in gold hdw and longer since its a belt/necklace but same design style...I like how its light and not cumbersome to wear too :smile:
  13. Cory, I would love to see a pic. This necklace sounds interesting to me. Do you have a style number?
  14. that bracelet is cute! i can't wait to see your necklace.
  15. Hi Mon...I dont have it with me yet--had it shipped from the MD Saks to me in VA (save tax since I did some buying during Saks one day sale hee)...

    Im going by that Saks again tomorrow and can ask for the style number.

    The guy there--Manuel helped me, you can let him know Cory referred you. Just tell him the chanel interwoven chain belt/necklace with Chanel lettering for 495 USD