has anyone seen this necklace before???

  1. i love this necklace. i found it on a website but i cant rememebr which website it was from or what designer its from (if it actually has a brand???)

    can anyone help me out? TIA.
  2. It's not hitting me.
  3. Sorry, I don't know the designer but it's a gorgeous necklace
  4. ditto :cry: Don't you wish there was some type of google that you could put pics into and it would find it for you? :smile:
  5. You can!! If you put on "whatever" pics, it will pull up all of what they have. We have looked up cars, dogs, albumcovers, ect.
    Good luck finding the necklace.
  6. Isn't that from Tiffany?
  7. I've seen stuff similar...