Has anyone seen this necklace b4?

  1. I've seen this long necklace that has black round charms like the butterfly earrings in the accessories thread (post#158):


    Besides the baby animals charms, it also has quite a big double c logo with rhinestones and is probably from the baby animals series of spring act 1. Has anyone seen it b4?

    They had it in the Madrid store but when I called them a few days later, they have already sold it. :crybaby:
  2. I've seen a Baby Animals necklace, but it was square shaped, and acrylic like the earrings in that post. It had a butterfly on it, and possibly a small CC logo. I haven't seen it recently though.
  3. Thanks... I've seen the square one in eBay but it's not the one I saw though - that one had charms all around.

    Guess no one else has seen it b4 :sad: