Has anyone seen this MJ bag in real life?

  1. Hey - I'm just wondering if anyone has seen this MbyMJ bag IRL.

    Almost every website I've seen it on lists it as espresso, but in pictures it looks black and was even listed under this fashion blurb in a magizene under black patent bags. I haven't been able to locate it in person, but im wondering is this bag more brown or black in real life? or are both colors made? Also, do you think the straps are long enough for it to be carried comfortably? I saw a girl carrying one for a split second on her shoulders, but wasn't sure if they were long enough to be able to wear a coat under. I want to use this bag on campus (i dont usually carry my heavytextbooks around with me) do you think its not suited for this? Any info would be great! Thanks

  2. It looks like a very dark brown to me, and I can see how you would mistake it for black. I'm sure it's probably available in black as well. If you want black, you should call a MBMJ store and ask if it's available.
  3. I've seen it IRL and it's a very deep, rich chocolate brown. It looks black from far away but as you get closer, you can see it's brown. I'm pretty sure you could wear it comfortably on your shoulder but I didn't actually try it on. I like the smaller satchel version of this too.
  4. Yes, this line flew off the shelves at the Nordstrom in Charlotte. This bag is really pretty IRL. I agree, they all looked dark from far away, but when put next to each other you could tell it was a very rich, dark, dark brown. It was one of the nicer scale bags to me from this line and would fit well on the shoulder. Hope you get one!