Has anyone seen this Matalese? Blue Glacier??

  1. I am not sure, but I think this might be a Blue Glacier Matalese????


    Sorry about the small photo, it's the best I can do!!:smile:

    Looks lovely:love:
  2. it does look like blue glacier...and it is so hot and pretty!

    Want it want it want it!!!
  3. That is gorgeous!!!! omg
  4. wow! that's beautiful!
  5. I've seen the French Blue [Small] Matelasse at Barneys NY ... but not the Bleu Glacier. My understanding was that the Bleu Glacier was a Summer color, so it wouldn't be available this soon.
  6. I've seen the one in French Blue too at NM short hill, NJ ;)
  7. It looks like Bleu Glacier to me... but I'm not an expert.
  8. :drool: I LOVE that bag. Where'd you get this pic? :drool:
  9. I'm going to Neimans tomorrow so I will look for you. I want a black Matelasse sooooooo much! :yes:
  10. ^^^there's a gooooorrrrgeous & authentic one on eBay right now!
  11. You're absolutely right. It's not available in stores yet. However, this was available for pre-order through one of the shops in the UK. I was just wondering if you all thought it was Blue Glacier. It looks like it to me, but I was not sure.

  12. I absolutely love this style in Bleu Glacier.....oh my with the silver hardware its amazing!
  13. What a gorgeous bag. I think this style and color were made for each other.
  14. NM King of Prussia has black, white, and truffle colors at the moment!
  15. Blue Glacier Matelasse is not available at NM yet. :smile: That color looks awsome in that style and thank god it is not veiny.:jammin: