Has anyone seen this Mackage jacket?

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  1. hello ladies and gents!

    has anyone seen this Mackage "Kenya" leather jacket? i've only seen it at nordstrom and ssense and both stores are sold out in size small.

    perhaps you've seen it in a brick-and-mortar store somewhere? if you've seen it, please let me know. or maybe something similar in a grey color..

    much appreciated! :smile:

  2. Oh, I love this style, is it from spring/summer 2010 collection? or is it from the old collection?
  3. looks so nice....:love:
  4. i'm assuming it's from the new spring/summer collection. nordstrom had it up on their website as a new item. i decided to sleep on it one night and the next morning it was all gone! i should have just bought it right then and there. :Push:
  5. ^^sometimes stuff are gone faster online than the local stores. is there any nordstrom around your area?? may be you can make a trip.

  6. already tried! plus the jacket was available online only. no stores carry it. also tried calling nordstrom CS to see if they could locate one... no luck.
  7. thanks for trying juneping!

    they links to there don't have the jacket. nordstrom is sold out and ssense only has a large left.
  8. oh...sorry......
    try all saints...they have great leather jackets too and very little bit cheaper.
  9. oh that jacket is so cute!! :love:
    good luck finding one!
  10. I am completely unhelpful, but that jacket is so cute! I hope you find it in your size!
  11. Hi there. I was at Aritzia in Ottawa this week and was told that it could be special ordered. It takes about 6 weeks to arrive. The jacket comes in two colours: black or nude (colour of butter). I bought the jacket in the nude colour....it is gorgeous!!
  12. Now that is a nice jacket
  13. They have it at Aritzia - I tried it on today. The Mackage Spring 2010 site isn't up yet though - they'll have it for sure:smile:
  14. do they only have nude and black at aritzia? i really like the grey