Has anyone seen this Louis Vuitton bag???

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  1. i'm curious...
    Is it new collection?
  2. That looks like a fake. :wtf:
  3. I don't remember seeing on on lousvuitton.com
  4. That's definitely fake.
  5. Fake, the LVs don't line up properly at the top.
  6. whatever it is, it isn't that attractive by the way...:sad:
  7. I'll move to the LV Forum for you . . .
    if you have any questions about authenticity however, please only post in the Authenticate This! sticky located in each designer Sub-Forum.
  8. ewwww my eyes.....

    :shocked: :shocked:
  9. Yikes...:yucky:
  10. is that the new multicolore neo speedy with special edition metallic varnish vachetta? im kidding =)

    this is one of the obvious fakes. the purse forum members are very informative and thats how's i expanded my louis vuitton knowledge. with time on this forum youll be able to tell too!
  11. Yea, it looks fake to me as well. sorry to say.