Has anyone seen this Kate Spade? Cute!

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    I saw this today at macys and it was SUPER cute in real life!! Any thoughts on it?? It might be one of those bags that you get and then once you get it home you are not that thrilled with it. I was thinking of exchanging my NWT diaper bag for it, but I am not sure
  2. I like the shape and color, but I'm not a big fan of the material.
  3. I do like it, but I get what you're saying about falling out of love with it once you get it home...

    Does it really go with your clothes/style? I think it's one of those bags that if it's totally "you" and you really like it, then you'll probably use it. Otherwise, it doesn't seem like it's that practical, KWIM?
  4. I am not into a fabric bag. I think this is one you will like at the moment, but later wish you may have put the $ toward something else. JMO.
  5. Oh Wow i love it.
  6. Yes, I saw this a while back on the Kate Spade website and then I saw it in person a couple of weeks ago (I prefer the black or silver) in my local Macy's. I think it's an adorable winter bag and would look so cute with a down-filled puffy coat. However, I do not think it's worth $295. I'm hoping it goes on sale before December so I can enjoy it with this horrible Ohio winter weather, lol
  7. While the style is not for me personally, I think that it could work really well as a diaper bag. It seems like the material would be pretty durable and can withstand a beating.
  8. i think it would make an adorable diaper bag :tup:
  9. i'm biased against spending too much money on fabric. But yes, I could see it as a good casual winter bag.
  10. Yes I agree with these ladies. Kate Spade makes quality bags, but it's tough to cough up $300 for a bag when you can get a great leather bag on sale for that amount.

    The color's great though!
  11. i have mixed feelings...i love it and i hate it at the same time....if that makes any sense.
  12. It looks cute...very cute and squishy..LoL
  13. i saw it and i loved the fact that it was practically weightless, but, it looked a little bit like the "michelin man" to me...
  14. I think you would get tired of it quickly.