has anyone seen this jkt irl?

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  1. my SA sent me the photo of this jkt, i'm quite unsure about it, let me know what u think. tks.
  2. It would be helpful if you posted a picture of the jacket ;) I think you mean jacket when you're talking about jkt? :smile:
  3. oops, duh! in my haste i forgot to post the picture, and yes, by jkt i mean jacket.
    chanel jkt blazer.jpg
  4. The jacket looks like it has an amazing fit, but I am on the fence with the pattern.
  5. that's what i think too looking at the picture, but my SA tells me that it's boxy and fits large, the waist is not cinched or anything like that, so i think i thas to do w/ the hand at the waist.
  6. Chanel Jackets are a lot of money, I think it's something that you really have to try on for the different fit and cuts and find one that is perfect for you!
  7. It looks snug on the SA... so it's hard to tell.

    Did you see all the last years (06) jackets for 50% off at Holts and Bloor? I think you have to try those jackets on.