Has anyone seen this IRL?

  1. i saw it!

    it's actually nicer IRL
    and pretty durable.

    plus the charm snaps off so you can use on other jewlery etc.

    however, it is a little hefty in price . . . but it's coach
  2. Huh..I din't think the price was that bad..I just wasn't sure if it looked cheezy....Sometimes it's hard to tell on the website!!!! Thanx girlfriend!! Has anyone else here seen it or bought it yet?!?! I'm thinking of just calling the store and having it delivered there....I can just go and pick it up next week...
  3. I have seen it IRL - it looks sized for a small wrist. I would definitely try it on 1st. I didn't try it, but found myself wondering if it'd even fit me & my wrists are small. I don't think it would look good tight.