Has anyone seen this IRL?

  1. Hi, saw these pics posted at the Celeb thread by fashion_gurl888 (thank you :p); the color of the reissue (I think it is) is amazing, it looks like the rich chocolate in the Bubble ligne, anybody has any idea? I have not heard of a reissue in this color and the chain looks much longer than the usual reissue.

    I am re-posting the pics here (hope it's alright with you fashion_gurl888), so that more members could see them:



  2. That is not a reissue. It's a flap and I believe it's from the outdoor ligne.
  3. Ooops, outdoor ligne again?? why am I suddenly got attracted to the bags under outdoor ligne:p:graucho::drool:....and this one has a MM lock like the reissues...Hmmm... I really have to start looking for it.... I think it's gorgeous but wonder how come I don't see members posting pics of it....
    Anyways, thanks Smooth for the info :smile:
  4. IceEarl, last week I saw a black outdoor ligne flap (just like my grey one) at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Galleria. I was tempted to buy it since I love my grey so much! It was $1595 (which seems like a steal nowadays - doesn't it?) and it was in perfect condition... mine has more scratches on it, but I don't mind since it's the "distressed" look. And this may sound weird but this bag also smells great!
  5. Love this brown color:tup:, is this a 07 or 06 bag?
  6. it's an 06.
  7. Looking at this bag in the celeb reference, I am quite sure this is a reissue. The color is soooo pretty.
  8. :wtf::confused1: it looks like a 226 reissue to me at first sight!though the leather is more shiny\glazed the M"lock seems a bit bigger and I also noticed -in the celebrity thread-there's a larger back pocket or something!Another hybrid or a new type reissue???:wondering
  9. can you ladies confirm if it is from the outdoor ligne? it seems way too shiny and the outdoor bags were more distressed/matted looking? plus this bag has gold hw and i thought all outdoor bags had silver :confused1:
  10. It has the reissue chain.
  11. you're welcome IceEarl. :smile: i love this color too. anyone pls confirm it it's a reissue or from outdoor ligne? i thought it's a reissue. i want this bag:p
  12. ok i'm not an expert for sure, but the chain, the shine and the lock added together makes it look like a reissue to me...??? the color is totally TDF... anyone have seen this in any store anywhere??? Gosh just when I thought I'm done for this year... now I really really want this bag!