Has anyone seen this in the Look Book?

  1. Saw this picture when it was posted here in the forum and i tried to call up Coach and ask more details about it but the lady on the phone couldn't find any, not even a picture. Don't know if she did not type in the right number but I did not pursue the question so has any of you seen this in the Look Book and if so, do you have any more details like size or price?
  2. It's a studded gallery tote. It's available now and will be in the stores for November.
  3. It is a gallery tote and would be the same size as the ones that are currently in the store. I like the brown better than the gold or black but those are the three colors it is available in. The brown in a mahogany brown and has patent leather trim. There will be some accessories to match but I'm not sure how much other than a wristlet. I believe its the same price as the patchwork tote which is $398? They should be in the store on Friday so you can see it IRL.
  4. Oh thats GORGEOUS!! I must have! XD
  5. Thanks! I'll be watching for it at the website, too!
  6. My SA just showed me a picture of this. She said it was due out this week!
  7. So pretty!