Has anyone seen this Gucci on sale?

  1. Has anyone seen this Gucci on sale?

  2. yes it was on sale....its gone loooooong time ago sorry babes~
  3. i was just about to say that, a few seasons back. maybe you can find it on eBay?
  4. It is regular price on the Gucci website, do you think it will go on sale? I am too afraid of eBay
  5. Not until December probably.
  6. yup, the official gucci site isn't putting the cruise 2006 collection on sale maybe till december.. i wonder why? i guess the cruise collection is just one for every year? that's why its cruise '06, am i right on this?
  7. I thought the cruise collection was a sort of pre-summer, post-spring thing, but I don't know. Its good to know that they'll go on sale in December.