Has anyone seen this gold flap?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I would like to know as well:smile:
  3. Hey GG and tvstar! I saw this flap about a month ago at the Saks in Greenwich, CT. I actually passed on it (I have the matte gold medium flap), but it's very pretty... definitely more of a yellow gold color than the golds I've seen and own... it's very eye catching and blingy. :heart: Maybe a Saks SA (like Damien - DJO :smile:) can do a system search for you? There has to be at least one somewhere haha! :p
  4. Saks NYC Chanel had one (in the display case) as of this past Sunday night. Photos simply don't do justice to the gorgeous metallic texture (I'm beginning to like it more than the metallic reissues). And I love that its price is below $2k (well, slightly, but still!).
  5. THANKS!! Is it caviar leather?
  6. hi! I'm helping my mom look for this flap as well. Does anyone know of an SA in SAKS NYC that I could contact to get a hold of this bag? How much does it cost? thanks!

  7. Susan, Cell # 347-426-6554
    Tell her Jessica sent you.
  8. cool! Thanks very much! Do you know if Saks ship overseas? Or what the style number of this bag is?
  9. NM Northbrook had one about 2 weeks ago.. 847-564-0300
  10. Has anyone seen the bag in silver?
  11. No it's not caviar. It's metallic lambskin.
  12. I saw one in dark silver at Bloomie SCP.
  13. It's East West flap. Style number: A35282Y04543.
  14. $1995.
  15. Saks does ship overseas! Did you get it? :p