Has Anyone Seen This Fiore?


is really in love...
Oct 4, 2006
Did anyone know that they made the Fiore Audra in Pewter? It's supposed to be a beautiful silvery grey - not metallic at all....but was wondering if anyone had ever seen one - or had one...;)
Okay here we go. Picture the pewter Jane on the top morphed into the Audra. What do you think of this new color? It seems very difficult to find (like I remember the old Audra had a forest green that didn't get circulated around too much). Is this pewter grey a practical color? Do I like it? I think it's kinda cool...opinions??? Remember - I'm thinking the Audra in the grey pewter color on the top.:confused1:I don't know how to post actual pictures. Only it seems like links!


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