Has Anyone Seen This Fiore?

  1. Did anyone know that they made the Fiore Audra in Pewter? It's supposed to be a beautiful silvery grey - not metallic at all....but was wondering if anyone had ever seen one - or had one...;)
  2. No, sorry...can't help you here. But it sounds like it would be lovely. If you come across a pic I would love to see it.
  3. Okay here we go. Picture the pewter Jane on the top morphed into the Audra. What do you think of this new color? It seems very difficult to find (like I remember the old Audra had a forest green that didn't get circulated around too much). Is this pewter grey a practical color? Do I like it? I think it's kinda cool...opinions??? Remember - I'm thinking the Audra in the grey pewter color on the top.:confused1:I don't know how to post actual pictures. Only it seems like links!
    BIG-isah64002pewt.jpg BIG-isah64000blk.jpg
  4. Here's a pic of it...and I have to say it looks much better than what my mind's eye had imagined it to look. I LIKE it!
  5. That is PRETTY!